Riddles of the Id
May 12th - July 18th 2020
Rodolphe Janssen
Rue de Livourne 32 Livornostraat, Brussels BE

Select Press:
Ocula Magazine, interview with Casey Carsel
Juxtapoz Magazine, interview with Sasha Bogojev
Contemporary Art Daily
Art Viewer

Press release by Zach Weinstein
Photography by Lance Brewer

                                                  The InternationalThe International 64"x48" 2020           Riddles of the IdRiddles of the Id 64"x48" 2020           8 Hours of Slumber, Labor & Leisure8 Hours of Slumber, Labor & Leisure 64"x48" 2020           Reign of the Idle Hands #4Reign of the Idle Hands #4 12" diameter 2020 Oedipus to HamletOedipus to Hamlet 12"x9" 2020 Female LegacyFemale Legacy 12"x9" 2020 Libido DominandiLibido Dominandi 12"x9" 2020 The Ninth WheelThe Ninth Wheel 12"x9" 2020 Riddles of the IdRiddles of the Id 12"x9" 2020